Mexican – Mimosa hostilis Inner Root Bark (MHRB) – Powder

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Mimosa hostilis root bark shredded

The Northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia is where we can get our Mimosa hostilis bark growing in its natural environment.

Additionally, the region is popular for;

  • Its rich history
  • Culture
  • Its stunning natural scenery
  • Warm climate.
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Mexican Mimosa Hostilis Inner Root Bark (MHRB) Powder

We now also have Mexican Mimosa Hostilis powder (mhrb powder) of the finest quality in stock. Also, team takes great care to only send out an incredibly fresh product. We make sure to stock exactly enough Mimosa, so we can guarantee that we have a very high product rotation.

This means that you always have a fresh product that was very recently harvested and milled. This, in turn, ensures that all functional components of the bark are preserved.’s Mimosa Hostilis is grounded in ourselves, and we know exactly what enters the mill and exits it.

Mhrb Facts

By removing the filler fibers, the final product becomes 30% more concentrated. Thus, our product is in fact 130% purer inner root bark compared to many other sources.

Our Mexican Mimosa Hostilis inner root bark is sourced from a group of indigenous farmers in the region of Oaxaca. They have a lot of experience selecting the right trees and the proper harvesting grounds. The type of ground plays a big role in the final quality of the bark.

Mimosahostilisrootbark has set up a quality control system to make sure only the best bark reaches our customers! We truly believe that we have the highest-quality product on the market.

Mimosahostilis rootbark takes great care to ensure that the farmers use sustainable harvesting techniques. Harvest is done in such a way that the M. Tenuiflora tree lives further to produce new roots for the future. Our beloved farmers also make sure that no chemical pesticides are being used at any stage.

After the harvest, the Mimosa root bark gets carefully cleaned to remove big pieces of outer bark so that only the inner bark remains. After that, the Mimosa Hostilis root bark is set to dry in the Oaxaca sun for approximately two weeks.

We then carefully mill it and pack it before it arrives at your mailbox in the USA, UK, or wherever you want it to arrive in the world (make sure to visit our shipping FAQ for more info and check if your country is on the list).


  • Quality Assurance: We source our Mimosa Hostilis products only from manufacturers that have full panel lab testing, ensuring each batch meets our high standards of quality and purity.
  • Expert Selection: With creatively formulated products like gummies and chocolates, we provide the finest selection to meet the preferences and needs of our customers.
  • Convenient Shopping Experience: Our online store is designed for ease of use, allowing you to quickly find and buy Mimosa Hostilis root bark products USA-wide, with just a few clicks.

Fast Shipping: We understand that you are eager to start using your Mimosa Hostilis products, which is why we offer fast shipping across the USA to get your purchase to you as soon as possible.


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50g, 100g, 250g, 420g, 850g, 1.7kg

48 reviews for Mexican – Mimosa hostilis Inner Root Bark (MHRB) – Powder

  1. Anonymous

    Great dye
    Great dye! Super glad that I went with their root bark. Very great response time, fast shipping, and understanding. Thanks again!!

  2. Masharey Preston

    Wow thank you so much Mimosa world you guys literally shocked me on the delivery it was super fast then you shock me again with the product I have been going around and around in circles and now I finally found my go to please don’t go anywhere we love you thank you so much!!!

  3. Jessy Hofbauer

    I received my package within a couple…
    I received my package within a couple days, and so far I think the product is high quality, I have been pleasantly surprised.

  4. Erika Wright

    I’m extremely happy with my product
    I’m extremely happy with my product. Communication was great and all my questions were answered asap.

  5. Dave sloan

    Was very happy with timelyness and…
    Was very happy with timeliness and prompt responses will definitely be back and will recommend . Thankyou

  6. Jayson

    Vendor had great communication
    Vendor had great communication, shipping was slow by no fault of the vendor. Dye material looks great!

  7. Thomas Garfild

    Well, just a huge assortment
    Well, just a huge assortment. I can’t help but divert my eyes. Affordable prices and fast delivery will please many.

  8. Adam Schouviller

    What a pleasant experience
    What a pleasant experience! Quick shipping, fair price and great quality of product. Will be my go to outfit. Thanks guys!

  9. Elijah Cloukey

    Great customer service
    Great customer service. Josh was really helpful and kept me up to date with the whole order/shipping process.

  10. Dylan

    Silly Me!! Tricks are for kids
    Welllll!!! I thought i placed an order over two weeks ago!? And after two weeks passed i began to become quite irritated! Thinking i got ripped off yet again!!!🤦🏼‍♂️ On another B.S webb purchase! So i wrote a review saying it had been two weeks plus with still no order!! Amd i was not happy to say the least!!?? Well!! Come to find out during my order completion!? My funds were NEVER SENT!! So then afyer writing a 💩 review! I felt like an absolute peice of 💩With feet!!🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️!! Sooo! After e-mailing my maine squueze G! He informed me of not receiving a payment!? So after I looked into the situation and realized!? My money NEVER SENT!!! Omg!! Wow!! Now i feel like an idiot and feel like a world class ASS hole for posting a bad review!! G made everything alrighte for me! Now i am awaiting my package!? Soo!! DONT THINK TWICE!!!💯. This is the website to order your mhrb from!!

  11. Marco

    Fast and speedy service with good…
    Fast and speedy service with good follow up customer service. Package arrived in less than a week from ordering

  12. Kimmie kay

    Very trustworthy
    Very trustworthy! Very fast delivery. Great product! Very friendly. Very responsive. Highly recommended! Thanks for being awesome!

  13. Jamie Wyatt

    speedy service with good follow up customer service. Package arrived in less than a week from ordering

  14. Brittany Pennycuff

    Great customer service and support
    Great customer service and support. They answered every question timely and respectfully highly recommend and I will be using again

  15. Caleb Wallner

    Just received in mailbox and so far…
    Just received in mailbox and so far look like the Real deal I’m used to and I’m not talking currencies in in Brazil

  16. Big zeph

    My package arrived within like 2 days…
    My package arrived within like 2 days and in good condition. This dye was just what I was looking for and it has helped my T-shirts look great

  17. Ian West

    These guys are top notch product is…
    These guys are top notch product is always as described and they have great customer service highly recommend 👌

  18. Joshua Pence

    Legit friendly company you can trust.
    I was very skeptical when purchasing. However my skepticism was quickly silenced. The customer service was extremely transparent and friendly and my package arrived a day before it was scheduled to. Very happy with the entire experience, I will definitely be purchasing again.

  19. Tracy Gallagher

    Excellent service and product every single thing
    I love working with this company, there are quick to respond and they’re shipping time is right on par. They’re product is amazing every single time. I will only buy from them. Thanks guys for your excellent service.

  20. Let’s Go Brandon

    great customer service and very fast delivery to the east coast. The product fully met expectations and I would recommend to anyone looking for MHRB. Happy new year folks!!!!!!.

  21. Matthew Vargas

    Gabriel is awesome! outstanding service and lightning fast delivery every single item I have ordered from them it arrives within 2 days.

  22. Anika Thomas

    Great customer service
    I had a very good experience. Shipping was fast and communication was very prompt as well. I would definitely buy from them again.

  23. Kenny Alaniz

    Super fast and reliable
    Super fast and reliable! Will def order from again. Been looking for a reliable source in the products they carry. Much appreciated

  24. Lisse Carmela

    I love this company
    I love this company! Easy to communicate with and prompt and courteous in serving their customers 💛 can’t recommend them enough

  25. Robert Jarvis

    Awesome people very responsive very fast with replies any questions with your order they will answer I will be using them for all my future purchases

  26. A dude bro

    Excellent results
    Excellent results. From the time I ordered to the time I extracted soap, not one problem and excellent yield. My friends as well as Reddit will be informed.

  27. Fin Lotesk

    Premium product
    I have ordered from this vendor on several occasions and they are very reliable with premium product that yields a fantastic results. I highly recommend

  28. Patrick Hall

    Prompt and responsive..
    Prompt and responsive… product arrived well before expected date. Good quality as well. Will be shopping here again!

  29. Jeremy Pat

    Fast shipping & Stellar customer service
    The product shipped really fast. Customer service is a breeze, they responded to my emails within minutes.

    I will definitely be buying from them again!

  30. Zack Willis

    Correct product, Fast shipping, Great communication!
    Product was exactly what I ordered. Shipping was incredibly fast. Email customer service was A+ top notch. I will be a returning customer.

  31. Brad sargent

    Awesome customer service! Very quick responses and orders were always quick, on time or early. Will not use any other service for my mimosa needs.

  32. Aray Sun

    Great Communication, Fast, and helpful..
    I had a guy who started with the letter J, super great guy, always responded promptly and was very considerate.

    **I mention this issue below because J did everything he could to help confirm it was sent, how it was sent, packaging, etc. And showed genuine care and helpfulness quickly and efficiently. I include this just to showcase that it’s not a “you bought it and now out business/convo is complete” type business, but a thorough partnership from start to finish..

    The issue I had was with the post office, they messed up and didn’t deliver the package to the right place but it had nothing to do with this websites service. They sent it to the CORRECT address and did their part, USPS just dropped the ball and put it in someone else’s apt box.

  33. Barry Blacktop

    High quality product presentation. Fast delivery. Well packaged. I will recommend this provider above all others I have done business with.

  34. Christopher

    Wonderful company. Communication is spot on and very nice to work with. Everyone is very friendly. I will definitely recommend this company and will most definitely be ordering from them again. Thanks again.

  35. Michael James

    There are no words to express my gratitude to the fine people running this business. Their pure kindness alone was amazing. If I could give them more than 5 starts I would. Without a doubt the best service I’ve ever received. Blessings

  36. Sam McDaniel

    Very fast order confirmation – not confusing, replies very fast, delivered safe intact, any issues you can reach out. Two thumbs up!

  37. Daniel M

    Great product
    Bought 100 grams of powdered MHRB last year and was very impressed with the quality and how fine it was ground up. Bought 1 kilo of MHRB last week and I’m extremely satisfied with the MHRB, the packaging, and the price. Will definitely order again

  38. Jose Brugh

    High quality, fast shipping, friendly service
    Very fast shipping and high quality mimosa root bark. Super friendly service and thorough information. I tested the product and it is legit. Definitely going to buy from them again!!!

  39. Danny Walshk

    I love this company! I’ve been getting my dye for years from them. Always fast delivery and great communication if I have any questions! BEST DOMESTIC VENDOR

  40. Justin Rodriguez

    Very prompt and helpful responses during the order and purchase with any concerns or questions I had with shipping, ECT. Five star customer service. However, I have concerns with the actual product. I placed another order this morning, and will determine if the product or my methods was the reason for the unsatisfactory results.

  41. J. Aaron

    High quality and excellent service
    Although the payment is different than what I’m used to I’d have to say this is the best quality considering the product, delivery time, and price that I’ve found anywhere else. I made the mistake of not entering in the active discount code and despite it being my mistake I was still given extra root bark. Couldn’t have asked for a better service and I greatly appreciate it.

  42. Grimm

    To AUS in 3 days. 10/10
    Love the customer service/quickness of reps. Got 50g’s of mimosas root bark, it got here in 3 days. I received the tracking number in like 3 hours!

  43. Jake B.

    Very Fast Shipping. I received it in less than 3 days! I would have given 5 stars but the company went from sending the powder in an airtight heat-sealed foil pouch to putting it in 2 zip lock bags. Regardless, I highly recommend this company! I will be using them again.

  44. Ronalds Newton

    All 5 stars
    Done a lot of business with and have yet to be let down. Always quality, exact weight ordered and quick shipping. Excellent communication, easy payments. Highly recommend. Would go anywhere else.

  45. Jordan Bittinger

    Super friendly service! I have had frequent emails sent to me from the company showing that it’s legit and I already got a tracking number only 2 days after ordering on a Friday. Much respect to this vendor, will be coming back once I receive my package.

  46. Brendan Nerves

    You won’t be disappointed! Highly Recommend!
    Received my order within the week. Incredibly satisfied with the professionalism and customer service, as well as the quality of the product. I intend to buy more, perhaps even a bulk order, down the road. Glad I chose this company over other competitors. Thanks guys!

  47. Kevin Rodgers

    These guy’s have the most consistent quality mhrb on the market. Been using them for the past year now and after 7 or 8 orders they have yet to screw one up. Always packaged well, always on time. As long as dye mart is still selling they’d be the only places I would order from.

  48. Katrina Mellows

    Nothing sweeter than a valentine’s day delivery. Thanks guys

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